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His nails crack on concrete
   His chin collides with rock
The wild summer slices
   As recklessly he wheels

The stings we clean and cover
   The wounds we close with care
Applying hugs and kisses
   To ease the flow of tears


Sliding doors
Puzzles in a box

Each new game
Begins the same
Until we change its form

Here we break the bottles
There we lose the lights
Standards deviations
To programmed leitmotifs

Keys and mouse
The instruments
Given to his play

The screen we share
Together stare
Gazing down the barrel

Here we pass through portals
There we fall through floors
Unusual perspectives 
That help us merge our minds


Up and down and round and straight
   Straight across a bridge
Over under through and through
   Past a plastic hill

Lights and bells and tolls and signs
   Signal him to pause
Starts and stops and station gates
   Map a junctioned mind