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A gift behind each door
   Greets him every day
Some candy or a toy
   Special little things

He learns to read the dates
   Knows what will come next
Anticipates the change
   When December ends

From → Poems

  1. Deborah permalink

    Consistency and surprise all in one activity – a perfect way to stretch Matthew’s abilities and show him that change can be fun.

  2. Chris permalink

    I noticed Matthew would occassionaly stop whatever he was doing in the living room and look wistfully at the calendar. A memory of treats enjoyed and ,unlike the fridge or pantry, knowledge that it hadn’t been refilled.

    • Deborah permalink

      Yes, it breaks my heart! Every time I see Matthew look longingly at the calendar, I want to rush to place more lollipops and toy cars behind each door to make him happy. But I know that the joy will be fleeting, and he knows that the calendar is “all done” until next year. We will make sure he’s involved when we take it down with the other decorations, so that he knows where the calendar is going and can anticipate its return next Christmas.

  3. Deborah permalink

    We have since replaced the Christmas calendar with our daily calendar activity. It fills the void of the Christmas tradition (although we don’t give him treats or toys afterwards), and Matthew enjoys the process of moving the magnet from one day to the next – learning what the day’s activities will be.

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