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Special trip to hardware
   He selects his tools
Double pack of treasure
   Beams to cut the dark

Larger lights his bedroom
   Smaller lights the car
Both are carried often
   Clutched like dueling swords

From → Poems

  1. Deborah permalink

    What an awesome day that was! Matthew was super excited to go to Home Depot with Dada because he was going to get a real flashlight! Matthew loves a “Dora the Explorer” episode where Dora and Boots use flashlights to play hide-and-seek. Now Matthew carries his flashlights with him around the house, reenacting the scenes and watching the flashlights’ special effects on different things (dark corners, windows, kitty…). He’s already taken them to bed with him so that he can play under the covers in the dark!

  2. Rebecca permalink

    I KNEW this day would come! There’s just something special about using the blankets as a tent and playing under the covers. I imagine that’s what he’s going when we babysit and he’s upstairs giggling. : )

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