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WAKING (Surgery: Part 3)

It’s worse when he awakes
   Panicked slaps and screams
A nightmare which won’t end
   Fog which will not fade

At least he will be well
   When he wakes again
The boy he was before
   Better for ordeals

From → Poems

  1. Last week, Matthew underwent a minor surgery procedure. While the operation itself went well, this was still a difficult experience for him. I’ve written three poems about it (WAITING, WATCHING, and WAKING), which I will post one at a time this week. The order is chronological, and they can be read as a single piece.

  2. good luck mathews!!

  3. Rebecca permalink

    This was a tough recovery indeed – praise God for Dora the Explorer (which helped calm him with a familiar and safe story) and french fries for when he woke up.

  4. Deborah permalink

    Whereas “WATCHING” was the hardest part of this process for me, “WAKING” was the scariest. I have never heard Matthew cry this hard – like a wild animal being attacked by invisible predators. The effects of the anesthesia were so extreme that Matthew was clawing at his own eyes, scratching at his face, and hitting himself in the head. For almost two hours we held him close, enduring the screams and doing our best to keep him safe from himself. Eventually, he collapsed from exhaustion, falling asleep to the familiar sounds of his favorite “Dora the Explorer” video. When he awoke, he almost started crying again – until he saw the large plate of French fries next to his head, waiting for him to enjoy. At this point, I think he realized that the horror was over, and life was going back to normal. He was being rewarded for being a good guy all day!

  5. Rebecca permalink

    OMG – what a horrible trial for you all. Just the description makes me want to sob. What a relief that it’s over – you are such strong parents.

  6. Beth permalink

    These three poems really touched me–I was actually crying by the end. There is nothing worse than watching someone you love suffer and being completely helpless to make it better. But at least I know that, once the anesthesia wore off, he was back to his happy, sweet self. Congratulations to all of you for making it through this ordeal!

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