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The numbers start to tick
   When he hits the ground
Our walk becomes a race
   Driven by the wind

The wheels begin to slow
   Rolling to a stop
He signals for a turn
   Sunbeams at our back

From → Poems

  1. Deborah permalink

    Matthew just loooooves his walks! Now that Spring is here, we’ve been able to get outside more, and he’s already grown accustomed to his post-nap walk to the park. He has this game he plays with us where he counts, “1-2-3-GO!!!” and we hold hands and dash down the sidewalk. Then Mama and Dada “pretend” to be tired and slowly come to a stop. Then we ask him which way we should go next, so he points, takes a few steps, and then starts the game again!

    • Matthew always likes to be on the move, and the faster the better. This is true for both walking and driving, hence the dual imagery in the second half of this poem. The situations are nearly identical. If we stop for too long, he gets agitated.

  2. Deborah permalink

    I forgot to mention that if Kyle and I are both holding Matthew’s hands, he sometimes lets his legs go limp so he can fly through the air!

  3. Rebecca permalink

    I love “sunbeams at our back” – even the sun can’t keep up with a boy on a mission. : )

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