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Parking by the runway
   Watching planes take off
Grinning through the window
   Into open skies

Better on the outside
   Freed from his restraints
Running toward the landing
   Little mind in flight

From → Poems

  1. There is a small parking area near the local airport, where you can sit and watch light aircraft take off and land. We stopped there over the weekend to see if Matthew would like it. He may have gotten a bit over-excited.

  2. Deborah permalink

    Oh, yes, this will be a new regular stop on our country drives. He was so excited by seeing the planes fly directly over him that he became unable to control his enthusiasm – meaning that his arms and legs didn’t know which way to go, he was unable to communicate or listen (via words or signs), and he absolutely did not want to leave. It will take several trips to the airport before he learns how to handle this activity. In a sense, he will have to learn the “rules” for this type of outing before he can relax in his enjoyment.

  3. Rebecca permalink

    Planes in flight do seem to symbolize the ultimate physical freedom … and graceful movement. I believe he comes by his fascination honestly. Thanks, Dad!

    • Deborah permalink

      Indeed! I definitely think our fascination with planes must be genetic. I think Dad/Grandpa would enjoy hanging out at the runway with Matthew during his next visit!

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