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He drapes a heavy quilt
   Onto lap and legs
The pressure holds them still
   Helping him relax

Now on an even keel
   Anchored to his seat
His thoughts are set adrift
   Free from added weight

From → Poems

  1. Deborah permalink

    Matthew’s hyposensitivity negatively affects his proprioceptive awareness (knowing where his body is in space). Placing a heavy blanket on his lap seems to help him relax and feel grounded. His teachers use a lap blanket during school so he can focus on his assignments. At home we use a quilt during mealtimes, which helps him sit still while eating…mostly (you know how little boys are!).

  2. Rebecca permalink

    I love the twist of imagery here! Normally, those of us with regular sensitivity might feel like a heavy blanket traps us and restricts our movement, perhaps even to the point of feeling claustrophobic. But for Matthew, this has the opposite effect – it literal added weight provides mental freedom. Love it.

  3. Beth permalink

    One of my favorite things to do to help me relax it to sit quietly and wrap myself up in a blanket. I realize that this poem is about Matthew, but I feel as if it describing my own thoughts and feeling about a blanket 🙂

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