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Pools of morning skyline
   Strands of copper sand
Streams beneath the surface
   Showing through the pale

Cracks along the low ridge
   Puffed and picked by nails
Curling toward the sunlight
   Tipped by summer blooms

From → Poems

  1. Today’s poem stems from a conversation between Deborah and me, in which she asked me to describe the color of Matthew’s hair. I came up with a needlessly flowery list for her, and this naturally progressed into the above verse.

  2. Deborah permalink

    Reading this poem is like watching an artist paint a portrait of Matthew. I see our beautiful boy in every word. I hesitate to define each line, but I don’t want anyone to miss the details Kyle has captured here:

    -Pools of morning skyline = his eyes, so blue and deep that you are entranced when he looks at you
    -Strands of copper sand = his hair, a mixture of brown, blond, and auburn highlights that shine in the sun
    -Streams beneath the surface / Showing through the pale = his porcelain skin, translucent so you can see every blue vein of life running through him
    -Cracks along the low ridge / Puffed and picked by nails = his cute lips, where the lower lip curls into a smile; he has an adorable pout, too, and he tends to pull on his lips when he’s concentrating
    -Curling toward the sunlight / Tipped by summer blooms = his eagerness to run towards the happy sun, picking all the dandelions in his path

    • Actually, I meant those last two lines to be about Matthew’s smile. But I absolutely love the way you’ve interpreted that. I suppose it’s possible that, while I wrote those lines, I subconsciously channeled the image of him with a big grin as he runs to the next patch of dandelions during our daily walks. In fact, I mentally wrote most of this while on one of our walks.

  3. Kelly permalink


  4. Beth permalink

    This has to be one of my absolute favorites. Your description reminds me of an artist admiring her own work of art–it shows your unconditional love for your son.

  5. chris permalink

    i have read this 5 or 6 times and I think it is one of those poems that shows the beauty of poetry. It can absolutely be interpreted through the prism of the readers thoughts without any knowledge of he intent of the poet and then becomes remarkably clear when the poets intentions are known. For example, on first read through I thought it might be about Matthew waking up in the morning and seeing sunlight through his window shades. it worked except for the part about nails. Hence more readings.The comments are interesting also. If you take Kyles lines away from Deborah’s interpretation she has done a poem about Matthew also.

    • Sometimes I like to write these with the “true” meanings obscured rather than directly clear, so different people can look at it and see different things. In the same way, I imagine Matthew sees the world in ways that I don’t. And that’s okay too.

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