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Twisting cheap construction
   Shoddy snaps and ramps
Buildings made of paper
   Held by sticks and strings   

Die-cast cars roll downward
   Clunking through the turns
Bent by misalignments
   Faults he doesn't see

From → Poems

  1. And the worst part was all the stickers you have to put on yourself. The ones that are so sticky that there’s no room for error. What a pain. … Of course, Matthew absolutely loves it, so it was totally worth the headache of putting it together.

  2. Deborah permalink

    Ah-ha! All parents can surely relate to this! Matthew received several generous gift cards for his birthday, so we took him out to pick a toy. Since he really likes cars right now, we bought him a cool car ramp made for the miniature die-cast cars he already has – it’s awesome! A huge tower with three swirly slides, a helicopter pad, an elevator, and a parking garage! Matthew was so excited that when we got home, he immediately ran upstairs to get his cars so he could play with it. We took it out of the box and…OMG, nothing was put together, and you had to put the decorative stickers on yourself!!! All we had was a ginormous pile of cheap gray plastic parts that didn’t look anything like the picture on the box. Bless his heart, Matthew tried to help and kept saying, “Dada fix!” After several futile attempts of trying to put it together quickly and keeping Matthew from getting frustrated, I took him downstairs to watch a video while our resident handy-Da wrestled with this “some assembly required” project. Afterwards, however, the car tower was a hit, and Matthew loves playing with it everyday – despite the misaligned stickers.

  3. Such a sweet poem! A great way to capture a child’s spirit.

  4. Jonathan permalink

    I think it is cool that things we see as faults he doesn’t see that way.

  5. chris permalink

    the joy at the use of the toy is definitely worth it, but I still picture a bubble over Kyle’s head, as he is assembling the materials, with the Beetle Bailey “@#&XX?” inside. or maybe the sound the dad in “the Christmas Story” makes while he’s working on the furnace in the basement. hopefully the sound of the video covered the sound of Kyle’s mumbling during assembly. looking forward to seeing the car ramp next month

    • I did manage to restrain myself from any inappropriate language, but there may have been steam shooting out of my ears at one point (possibly when I realized I’d connected several of the pieces upside down). And since pieces have come disconnected at times (“Dada, fix!”), it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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