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Both palms on the plunger
   Pushing forth the arc
Simulated rainfall
   Cresting overhead

Patters mud and metal
   Puddles on the porch
Seeping through his clothing
   Stinging chilly flesh

From → Poems

  1. Rebecca permalink

    Are you guys running through the sprinkler here? It’s been kinda chilly, but it would still feel quite refreshing. I’m concerned about the plunger, though. Could you clarify? : )

    • It’s actually a big squirt gun, which we were in shooting up into the air in the back yard.

  2. Deborah permalink

    Matthew has a neat little picture book-style app on the iPad called Model Me that shows kids going through a few daily scenarios (getting a haircut, going to the doctor, playing at the playground, going shopping, etc.). After watching the playground scene several times, he became obsessed with playing in the backyard (at all hours), despite the rainy, chilly weather. In the bin where we keep our outside play gear, he found the squirter we used last summer with the wading pool. Thus, a new game was invented:

    Sans swimming pool, we fill up our large plant watering can. Matthew sticks the squirter in and pulls up the plunger, filling the tube with water. Next, Matthew (with some help) pushes the plunger to launch water all over the patio (“simulated rainfall”). His favorite part is listening to the pinging sounds the water makes as it fills up his metal Radio Flyer wagon. Then, repeat, repeat, repeat! It’s all fun ‘n’ games until little fingers get too cold to work the plunger.

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