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A faded skeleton
   Tucked into his jeans
Emerging in a cage
   Sealed by a chain

He swipes his father’s ring
   Running to the box
Then after wiggling help
   Takes his turn to turn

From → Poems

  1. Deborah permalink

    After watching an episode of “Dora the Explorer” where a special key is used to open a gate, Matthew discovered the magic of keys and locks! Since then, Matthew has been excited to borrow/swipe our keys to open the front door, the garage door, the mailbox, etc. Unfortunately, Mama and Dada don’t have keys to every lock in the universe, so for those items we bought Matthew a skeleton key. He especially likes sneaking into the batting cages at the local park to try to open the locks on the gates which lead to the ballfields. Our front door sticks a little, so we have to wiggle the key for him before he can turn the lock. The cutest part is that he takes his skeleton key with him to school everyday, tucking it into his front pocket.

  2. Rebecca permalink

    What an adorable connection! And he has his own “secret” key. Every young boy’s dream!

  3. Beth permalink

    What a great description of the mind of a little boy. Part imitating his parents’ actions, part following along on what he sees on TV, and all his own amazing imagination. How amazing he is.

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