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Dinner in the washer
   Dishes in the stove
Nuggets in the freezer
   Pizza in the pot

Wears his apron backwards
   Microwaves his meals
Chooses chips or Cheez-Its
   Food for thoughts indulged

From → Poems

  1. Rebecca permalink

    Is this a poem about Matthew enjoying his toy “mini-kitchen” or is life this crazy? : )

  2. Deborah permalink

    I love it!!! This morning, Kyle and I surprised Matthew with a new play kitchen to celebate his summer break. When he walked downstairs and saw it, he actually gasped outload and was so giddy with excitement that he couldn’t move! He spent all morning opening the doors, moving his play food around, and acting out skits. We hope this will continue to help Matthew develop his pretend play skills.

  3. This actually sounds like the sort of thing my Micah would write. I think he understands such thoughts well.

    • It’s tough to figure out what my son is thinking at times. Even if I can’t see things exactly through his eyes, I can at least try to find the order in his chaos.

  4. Beth permalink

    I had to read that a couple of times to see the contrasts; cooking “dinner in the washer” and putting the “dishes in the stove.” But my favorite is “pizza in the pot.” Such creativity and imaginative play!

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