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Swiftly like a tiger
   Zips from room to room
Pausing only briefly
   At each glassy pool

Chasing after penguins
   Birds glimpsed from a train
Calling like a monkey
   Swinging on my limbs

From → Poems

  1. Deborah permalink

    Matthew has his own unique way of enjoying the zoo… He mostly runs down the cement walkways with his hands sliding on the outer metal railing, mesmerized by all the paths and possibilities. Occasionally, he may see something interesting (you know, like an ANIMAL!) and pause for a quick second. The last time we went as a family, we were shocked when he spent almost ten minutes studying the penguins. Sounds like this trip included a train ride with Papa, more penguins, and being carried by Dada when it got too hot.

  2. Rebecca permalink

    I love this poem! Not only is Matthew seeing animals, he’s being compared to those he sees. What a fun way to preserve these memories of your times at the zoo! Isn’t that why he has a shirt with a monkey on it? : )

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