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Digital perspectives
   Stolen from a purse
Lens extended fully
   Focused in a zoom

Closely captured movements
   Centered in the frame
Practiced at an angle
   Point of view exposed


From → Poems

  1. Matthew recently discovered his Nini’s digital camera. Once he figured out how it worked, he quickly became a prolific photographer. I’ve chosen to post just a handful out of the hundreds now in our library. All of these were taken by Matthew without assistance, and have not been cropped or edited in any other way.

  2. Rebecca permalink

    Matthew took these?!?! I’m in awe. I actually would love a few of these for our walls! Especially the one of Matthew’s eyes and the lamp. They “speak” to me. : ) Question: the photo 5th from the bottom (the green bowl-like thing) – what is that?

  3. Deb F. permalink

    These are wonderful….I’m really drawn to the sun above the tree.

    • Deborah permalink

      My favorite is the lamp – very minimalist!

  4. Deborah permalink

    Matthew has really enjoyed seeing the world through the camera lens. He takes new photos everyday, and I’m amazed at how he intentionally frames them. He goes around taking several shots, then when he gets the look he wants, says things something like, “There we go” or “Nice, very nice!” It is super adorable, and it makes me happy to see him having fun this way. I see a coffee table book in our future! (Thank goodness for digital photography!)

  5. Sarah permalink

    Oh my goodness! I love this! I’m a photographer myself and this is absolutely beautiful and amazing to me. I would love to sift through his library of photographs to keep learning about him and how he sees the world. Love this love this love this.

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