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Unraveled underground
   Leaves his plans behind
Unchained in discipline
   Deaf to his complaints

Unlocked within restraints
   Holding nothing back
Untethered in the waves
   Rolling him away

From → Poems

  1. Deborah permalink

    On this particular day, we were at a local mall having a lovely time. At the end of our window-shopping adventure, we took the escalator down to the dark, underground garage where we’d parked. As we crossed the sidewalk toward our car, Matthew suddenly (and completely out of character) detached himself from Dada’s tight grasp and sprinted into oncoming traffic – out of reach of our protection. I don’t know who was screaming more: Mama and Dada from fear, or Matthew once we captured him and clipped his freedom wings. He was wild with anger as we lifted him into his carseat, forcing him into the buckles, but we were unable to hear his cries through our hearts’ pounding in our ears and thoughts racing of what could’ve happened.

  2. Rebecca permalink

    What a terrifying thing to happen! Things happening so fast and so unexpectedly. Are you all doing ok? How are Matthew’s “wings” and how are your pounding hearts?

    • Deborah permalink

      Yes, we all managed to calm down after a looooooooong, quiet country drive home. We all learned good lessons that day: Matthew will hopefully never sprint off like that again (he has been very diligent about holding our hands in traffic since then), and Mama and Dada will work on our tag-team efforts at busy traffic spots!

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