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Sleepy every morning
   Grumpy after noons
Mad when interrupted
   Scared of some things new

Happy in the classroom
   Silly during songs
Nervous in transition
   Sad when heading home

From → Poems

  1. Rebecca permalink

    This poem could be about me! Especially the sleepy and grumpy parts. : ) Did you choose to write about each of these emotions because they are recently developing or more predominant right now?

    • Deborah permalink

      Matthew has an awesome personality, even more now that he’s starting to understand what different emotions mean and is experimenting with them (voice inflections, studying pictures of faces). At home we practice recognizing emotions on his PECS cards during “Calendar Time,” when Matthew gets to pick out a card to show us how he’s feeling (since we do this activity first thing in the morning, he seems to always pick out “sleepy”). Hopefully, this will help him recognize emotions in others, too. I love this poem because there is a common misconception that autistic individuals aren’t capable of recognizing feelings in themselves or others (emotional robots). If you know Matthew (or others on the spectrum), you know that isn’t true at all!

  2. Beth permalink

    Ha! Reminiscent of the seven dwarves–except you forgot Dopey 🙂 Seriously tho, very observant on how certain situations trigger certain emotions. Something of which all parents are (at times painfully) aware.

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