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Board book recitations
   Acting out the verbs
Rhymes that match his rhythm
   Scenes to guide his day

Imitating mama
   Opening garage
Parking on the driveway
   Waving his hellos

From → Poems

  1. Rebecca permalink

    I love this! It’s like picturing Matthew’s day in the form of a picture book. : ) Curious: does he only imitate what he reads, or perhaps is he using those as examples of how to react in real life, kind of like a social framework?

    • Deborah permalink

      Yes, Matthew uses videos and books as a way to make sense of the “rules” of life – a “social framework” is the perfect way to describe it! He memorizes his favorite books and recites them when the mood strikes him. For example, at the park he may recite the scanimation book Swing by Rufus Butler Seder, which uses lots of sports-related action verbs. He also enjoys acting out videos, which is how he learned to ride his tricycle. He now uses his tricycle to imitate me when I drive into the garage after work: He opens the garage door, pedals his tricycle all the way up the driveway, stops, pretends to roll down the window, then waves, saying “Hi, Matthew!” Lately, he has also been doing skits from Elmo’s Potty Time, which means we need to rush him upstairs before he finishes acting out the scene!

  2. Rebecca permalink

    OMG – that’s so funny! A rush to the bathroom indeed!

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