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First he chooses music
   Then requests the talk
Dada makes a right turn
    When he wanted left

If I tell him it’s cold
   He’ll tell me it’s hot
Always changing his mind
   To the other side

From → Poems

  1. Rebecca permalink

    Do you think he just changes his mind, or do you think he’s testing boundaries? : )

    • I think he’s pretty clearly testing my boundaries. But to some degree, I put up with it because it provides a great opportunity for learning communication skills.

  2. Deborah permalink

    As most little kids his age, Matthew can be quite the contrarian! Some days, everything is “no” or “all done this.” On others, he just wants whatever you don’t want. In this poem, the first stanza is referring to our car rides. When we want to listen to music, Matthew wants to turn the station to talk radio. When the big game is on, he wants to turn it back to music. (Poor Dada!) In the second stanza, “cold/hot” could refer to the preferred temperature of his chicken nuggets or his bath water. Despite how frustrating it can be when we struggle to understand what he wants, we are thrilled that Matthew enjoys making choices and can express his opinion.

  3. Beth permalink

    This part of childhood can be extremely frustrating! I’m glad to hear that you are seeing the positive side rather than dwelling on the sometimes infuriating nature that can occur. And it is great that Matthew has such strong opinions and feels comfortable to express them freely. What may seem bossy and strong-willed now will turn into confidence and integrity later.

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