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Rolled within the covers
   Bounced across the bed
Tickles in a blanket
   Into laughter locked

Unrolled like a yo-yo
   Spinning toward the floor
Faith placed in his father
   Falls into my arms

From → Poems

  1. Rebecca permalink

    I love this picture of Matthew’s faith in his amazing parents! Super sweet. : )

  2. Deborah permalink

    This is a new game Kyle made up: Blanket Burrito! Matthew has always liked being swaddled, and he also loves spinning. So, this game combines both! First, Matthew lies across a blanket (which is folded in half, so his head and feet dangle off the ends); then we roll him up burrito-style in the blanket; finally, after we tickle him and he’s laughing his head off, we unroll him into our arms. Fun!

  3. Beth permalink

    This described the absolute trust that kids have in their parents. To allow yourself to be rolled up and completely immobilized and then still have no worry or fear of being placed in harms way. Great life lessons everywhere!

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