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Up and down and round and straight
   Straight across a bridge
Over under through and through
   Past a plastic hill

Lights and bells and tolls and signs
   Signal him to pause
Starts and stops and station gates
   Map a junctioned mind

From → Poems

  1. Rebecca Gilmore permalink

    I have seen Matthew do this! He loves his train station set. : )

  2. Deborah permalink

    Matthew has always enjoyed his train set, but within the last couple of weeks his interest has changed from playing to BUILDING. I came home one evening to find every single wooden piece used in long, spirally, intricate series of tracks covering our living room floor. He was even asking for “more curvy pieces, Dada.” So, of course Kyle raced to the toy store to let him pick out boxes of extra building pieces. It is such a thrill to see him planning and building and reenacting scenes from books and TV!

  3. Beth permalink

    There is something about train sets that is universal–all kids, boys and girls alike, just love to play with them. Not just the trains themselves, but the putting together of the tracks, choosing a starting a destination point, and of course, the movement of the trains along the tracks. I love the how you associate Matthew’s play with his mental visualization in the last last line of the poem-“Map a junctioned mind.” So much said in a single line!

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