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Gateway left untended
   Twixt the mud and grass
Free between the fences
   Through the brilliance soars

Over green fields flying
   Orange sleeves like wings
Flapping knees and elbows
   Wildly bounds aloft

From → Poems

  1. The gates into the local baseball fields are typically locked when we pass them on our walk. Recently, Matthew discovered one left open, and ran himself to exhaustion exploring the outfield.

  2. Deborah permalink

    This experience must’ve been so exhilarating! Matthew is a lot like his Dada… Sometimes, clarity and self-awareness can only be achieved through the rhythmic pounding of feet and freedom to fly through open spaces. I can really picture Matthew sprinting around the outfield, wearing his favorite orange sweatshirt and giggling uncontrollably!

  3. Rebecca permalink

    He must have thought that this was the BEST thing ever! And that he had found the hidden treasure that no one has been able to find. : )

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